Meet Dr. Courtney Hoffman

Dr. Courtney Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman initially became interested in dentistry when she had her wisdom teeth removed. After the surgery, she decided to spend some time in a few dental offices shadowing local dentists. It was then that she realized how vital oral health is to systemic health and how important patient education is. For this reason, Dr. Hoffman seeks to understand patients’ dental concerns in hopes of providing meaningful answers to help overcome whatever may be preventing optimal oral health. Dr. Hoffman really enjoyed experiencing how life changing dentistry can be for each patient and couldn’t wait to be a part of the profession.

Small Town Roots

Dr. Hoffman was born and raised in La Grange, TX where her family owns a New Holland tractor dealership. Her family’s farm and working at the tractor dealership kept her busy as a young girl. Her favorite thing to do was feed the cows with her grandpa. She loves the outdoors and countryside, so it’s no surprise her small town roots brought her to Magnolia to practice dentistry.

Currently, Dr. Hoffman enjoys staying active by biking, working out, watersports, and scuba diving. She has completed the MS150 bike ride, ran a half marathon, and explored the Great Barrier Reef scuba diving! She also has a dog, Benny. Benny has tons of energy and can be a handful, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.